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You may have noticed that we added an "and stuff" to our header. That's because from today (May 23rd, 2019) on, we're not just a sports website anymore. The idea of BroSports was always to create a place where people could talk about sports without playing by the rules. We've had sarcastic mock drafts, really... Continue Reading →

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We’re Looking for New Talent

That's right, we're looking for some fresh blood! We want new writers to provide fresh perspective. No experience necessary, we're just looking for knowledgeable writers with a passion for sports. We'll help teach you how to... Write Pro Style Articles Share Your Articles Develop an Online Following Move on to bigger, more profitable sports websites.... Continue Reading →

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Josh Rosen: Starting Quarterback of the Miami Dolphins

Josh Rosen, former UCLA quarterback, former Arizona Cardinal first round pick, is now the official starter for the Miami Dolphins. In April, on the second day of the NFL Draft, Rosen was traded to the Dolphins after the Cardinals drafted their current starting quarterback, Kyler Murray, with the number one overall pick. The Dolphins sent... Continue Reading →


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