Brock Lesnar Won’t Cash in Money in the Bank This Monday Night

Paul Heyman announced a Universal Championship match between Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar this Monday Night on Raw. Ryan's not buying it, and he thinks it's symptomatic of a bigger problem.

Addiction Hits Everyone, Even Professional Athletes

Oftentimes when a young athlete gets suspended for a drug test, people will say things like: “How stupid?” or “They couldn’t have waited until after their career was done?”. Sometimes it is just a simple mistake. Other times however, it tends to be more serious. Once athletes get to their second or third drug suspensions, you have to think that they have a problem. If they have an addiction, the answer to the previous question: “They couldn’t have waited until after their career is done?” would be no. That’s the worst part about addiction, it doesn’t take any time off.

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